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Braces diagramatic representation at Agrasen Dental Wellness Center, Tri-Nagar
Things you may want to know about Braces

What are Braces?

Braces are devices placed in the mouth, used to move teeth and/or bones to correct various problems of the jaw/teeth including deep bite, open bite, crooked teeth, gapped teeth and various cosmetic or structural problems.

What is the ideal age to get braces?

There is no age limit to get braces, but the ideal age to get them is 9-14 years as the bones of the jaw are still flexible and the you can get the results faster.

How do braces work?

Braces move teeth by applying gentle continuous pressure on them in the desired direction. Teeth move in the bone slowly in a planned way.

The mechanism of moving teeth depends on the type of braces you get.

What are the types of braces?

1) METAL: Most common type of braces. They are the most affordable of all types. Chances are if you think of braces you think of metal braces. Their are three components, Brackets, ligatures and wire, Brackets are bonded to teeth and wires are placed in the brackets (through ligatures).

2) CERAMIC: The brackets are tooth colored so they are less visible than metal ones and look better so if you are conscious about aesthetics you can opt for them. They are slightly more expensive than metal braces.

3) LINGUAL: The brackets are placed on the back of your teeth, so they are not visible to anyone. 

4) Self Ligating: This is a new and technologically advanced system in which ligatures are not used and wires are held into brackets through a different mechanism.

The benefits of this are longer gap between appointments, faster treatment time, easier cleaning, less discomfort due to pressure and better results.

5) Aligners: Removable invisible plates worn sequentially over time instead of conventional braces.

How long will you have to wear braces?

Treatment time depends on the many factors. Some factors that cannot be controlled are the severity and complexity of your case, but some factors that can be manipulated to get faster results are your co-operation and the type of braces you choose.

It can be said that treatment duration ranges from 8 months to 3 years.

How to care for Braces?

Maintain your oral hygiene more than you normally would. This includes:

1) Brushing twice daily.

2) Buying a Dental Floss and using it to clean the spaces between your teeth.

3) Rinsing with water after eating or drinking any beverage.

4) Visit the dentist on appointment day and ask for a report on your oral hygiene.

Things to avoid:

1) Sticky foods like chocolates, toffees and sweets.

2) Hard biting foods like nuts, seeds, ice candy.

3) Chewing gum.

How to care for your teeth after your braces are removed?

Wear Retainers.

After braces you will be given retainers from the dentist that you have to wear for the advised duration, otherwise you will risk relapse of your condition.

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