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Denture diagramatic representation at Agrasen Dental Wellness Center, Tri-Nagar
Things you may want to know about Dentures

Why do you need a Denture?

The reason we have advised complete dentures for you are that either you don't want fixed teeth or fixed teeth are not the right for you.

The reasons for the latter are various like poor oral hygiene or systemic health like uncontrolled diabetes or the increased cost.

What to expect from a Denture?

Removable dentures are made of acrylic and worn as plates on both of your jaws comprising of artificial teeth arranged according to the shape of your jaw bone.

Meanwhile, real teeth or implants are separate entities on their own residing in the jaw bone, however in a denture the sensation is different as the teeth are placed in the plate, not in the bone.

The gums and the palate are covered with the plate of the denture so it feels different than your original teeth.

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